Ampenyi is a small village near Elmina in the central region of Ghana. It is a fishing village with a population of 1780 people, 771 children. The community has a chief whose name is Nana Takyi Akyen and other presiding cabinets who are responsible for the development and welfare of every living being in the community. However most of the inhabitants in the community find it difficult to make sure that their children are well educated; this is because of the nature of work they do. Parents sometimes take their children out of school to go fishing with them. Therefore the children lose interest in education due to the parents refusal to purchase school learning materials for them. Some of the children are also orphans who have no one to take care of them.



Development of the mind of orphans and other underprivileged young people. The foundation also seeks to encourage self-sufficiency and a strong sense of entrepreneurship by teaching its charges in arts and crafts production. The foundation will provide entertainment and cultural activities to promote social and cultural awareness among the children. The foundation also seeks to provide source of entertainment to the children to satisfy their curiosity. We also want to take the children to tourist areas like Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle etc. as a further part of education. To have access to things they have never noticed and experienced before as this also will broaden their horizon.


Funding and Support

We need your help to provide the children with books, school uniforms, shoes, pencils, pens etc. We are calling on churches, individuals, community organisations and companies to make donations in cash and in kind.