John Kweku Eduafo, Executive Director

My education began in Ampenyi at the age of 5, and finished junior high school at the age of 15 years. I continued my education in Edinaman Senior High School with the help of friends like Daryl D. Parks, Diana Aryee, Sophie Bialias, Claire Bailey and my father John Alexander Kenneth Eduafo. All my life I believed that everything and anything is possible, so even during hard times I held true and fast to the belief that life could be better for me and those around me.


After completing my high school education, I was helped by one of my friends to buy my own taxi; driving a taxi allowed me to earn a living for myself and support my family. I was able to bless my family with financial support including money for sending my little sisters to school and paying for their basic needs. I have been able to pay for my 2 senior sisters to learn trades - Regina is a master seamstress who sews free clothing for the children; the other is a hairdresser. I have also been able to teach 5 boys from my village how to drive for free. As I have been blessed I have sought to be a blessing to others; I am happy and proud about being a blessing to my family and community.


Knowing how difficult my own childhood situation was and concerned by the plight of children in Ampenyi who I always saw idling on the beach and the street, I felt compelled to help the young ones in my village. The OKYENA-NTSI Children Foundaton is my contribution to improving the lives of children and young adults in my community.


Thomas Nanafraiku

Diana Aryee

Nana Takyi Akyen IV - Ruling Chief Ampenyi

Dr. Christian Vogler