Who we serve

We serve children and young adults in the village of Ampenyi. Some are orphans, most are destitute. Their immediate needs are for life's basics: food, shelter, clothing and health care. We also believe strongly in preparing the youth of Ampenyi for a future that does not depend on charity - and towards that end we are investing funds and attention to providing the older children with skills training and apprenticeship programs.

The foundation also seeks to provide source of entertainment to the children to satisfy their curiosity. We also want to take the children to tourist areas like Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle etc. as a further part of education. To have access to things they have never noticed and experienced before as this also will broaden their horizon.

»Man muss etwas, und sei es noch so wenig, für diejenigen tun, die Hilfe brauchen, etwas, was keinen Lohn bringt, sondern Freude, es tun zu dürfen.«

Albert Schweitzer