Kids that we support

Abigail Amoaku

Abigail is welcoming of all people and open to anything new. She likes playing with other girls. But when it comes to studies, she is the first person to ask questions in class if she does not understand something. Her slight, yet genuine, smile never leaves her face, as she is quite comfortable with herself. She never complains about anything.

Veronica is 17 years old and very friendly, kind and helpful when ever any one needs her. She is very respectful and humble with everyone. All her life Veronica has dreamt of becoming a hairdresser. Her parents refused to send her to school but she believes that there are still other ways to be happy and self-reliant in life. Veronica believes that when she has a skill she can feed family and friends as well as herself. Because of that she never gives up on her dreams, believing that there is a time for everything.

Ernestina Nyame

Ernestina is a very friendly girl, but very shy, But when it comes to the School Cadets, this girl is the leader of them all. If there’s music playing, she’s probably moving. Gospel is her favourite type of music - she practices it every Tuesday and Thursday at the centre. She enjoys school and does exceptionally well on her exams. She prefers to spend time with her close friends, finding creative ways to get the most out of life and to solve other people’s problems. She always keeps her teeth in the air, to show how lovely she is.

Jonathan has a pleasant, quiet disposition, yet he’s quick to offer a laugh or a smile. He has a love for people and animals alike, and is nothing but kind towards them. He is very friendly, but a bit shy. He was once a fisherman, and swimming is his favourite leisure activity. Jonathan likes to be with his friends after school, to find out what he didn't understand in class. He shows his desire to do well by being very observant, and he is always willing to learn more about his subjects.

Veronica Cobbinah

Veronica lost her mother and dad in the same year, when she was age 3. She is the 7th child of 8 children. She is happy and grateful for her life as she believes that in this world when one door closes other one opens. Veronica is a very lovely and caring person who is always ready to help others in their difficult time. She likes to read the Bible and her favourite quotation is Psalm 27: 10 - "If my father and Father forsake me, God will care for me.” Veronica is always satisfied with what she has in her life.

Paul is so unintentionally delightful that he doesn't even realize the joy that he brings to others’ lives. He is the prefect in his class due to his high academic performance. He loves to share what he knows. Football, volleyball and stories are his favourite pastimes. He uses his leisure time to read his story books and Bible. A hug from Paul means that everything is already okay. Paul never complains and always believes in doing more for others than for himself. His many smiles can mean that he’s just kidding, proud of himself, or that he truly appreciates your friendship.